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Training & Credentialing Services

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The Wilkinsburg and Duquesne EARN programs provide training, workshops, and other resources to help boost our client’s resumes so they can reach their career goals. Some of these activities include:

High School Diploma (GED)

Clients who would like to earn their diploma can now enroll in courses through EARN, Work Ready and SNAP programs with no additional fees required.  

Higher Education

For those clients interested in pursuing an associates or bachelor’s degree, EARN helps identify the education providers that align with their career goals. While many of the jobs that are in high demand don’t require a degree, they do require additional training and certification. We can help clients prepare for and connect with these training programs on their path to higher paying job opportunities.

Adult TANF Training Voucher Program

TANF training vouchers provide financial support to EARN and Work Ready participants who take part in training programs that help them prepare for high-demand jobs.

National Retail Federation Training (NRF)

The NRF is the largest retail trade group in the world. Through their training program, clients can receive an NRF certification which is recognized by major retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, and other related businesses.

Metrix Training

Metrix Learning helps clients explore new career pathways, identify their skills gaps, and provides online training to help fill those gaps.

Community Service

Finding new employment can be challenging without any work experience in that field. Our clients can gain that work experience through temporary volunteer jobs with local EARN Community Service Sites. The number of hours per week vary, but because this is an unpaid volunteer position, there is no reduction in benefits.

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